• 7 Lessons

    Anti Anxiety Formula Course

    The anti anxiety formula course will help you take control of your own life and you will have the tools to create lasting, positive change.…
  • 18 Lessons

    LeaderShip Expertise

    If you are committed in connecting, growing and contributing to as a leader in your workplace and if you are really determined to create an…
  • 0 Lessons

    Personal Coaching

    In this brief module, you will come to know what Ms. Prriya Kaur opines about the merits of a personal coach. If you want to…
  • 18 Lessons

    Sale Expertise

    After the courses, you will make more money than you knew what to do with.  you can lose the fear of rejection, and prospecting becomes…
  • 16 Lessons

    Secrets Of Relationship

    This 10-day program creates new levels of love and passion in the relationship.  Also helps you understand where you are now versus where you want…
  • 6 Lessons

    Unlock The Power Of Self Confidence

    In this program you will learn how to look more confident and actually feel that confidence inside to achieve your goals. Develop an edge in…